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About your experience

The magic of my healing work is that it's the best of both worlds: body-based and heart-centered.

The therapeutic relationship between a client and healing practitioner is incredibly impactful. 


My intention is to be open, honest, and kind, meeting you where you are and guiding you through your unique process, at your pace. 

Healing is a journey of restoring your wholeness. This means accepting ALL the parts of you: "good" and "bad."

You're already enough AS YOU ARE. I'm here to remind you of your gifts and teach you how to fully access the resources you have within to break the cycles of pain and trauma.

I do this by helping you stabilize your nervous system FIRST and then over time, we work together to rewire your stress response to be more expansive and less reactive. 

The answer to burnout isn't JUST more rest and more massages. It's time to create a life that's sustainable. It starts with a nervous system reset.


Healing chronic pain and trauma IS possible! I assure you that things can change and get better. I'm here to help you see a way forward.


You've been struggling to release it all because your body's stuck in protective mode, holding and bracing in response to life. Often it doesn't know how to get out of the loop because we've never been taught effective ways to manage stress and our emotions.


I create a safe container for you to transform the emotional baggage that's literally weighing you down and keeping your tissues tense.

I offer a full tool box of effective healing techniques to customize your session. We can combine any of the following: Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Energy Healing, Intuitive Guidance, Mind Body Coaching, Somatic Practices, and Nervous System Regulation techniques.



Many of the tension patterns that we're unconsciously holding developed when we were young and with each passing year of life, the stresses add up.


Each time you push down an emotion, you create an energy block. Over time, these blocks stack up causing us to feel stuck.

By working with me, we unpack the energetics of your story and peel back the layers of trauma that have gone unprocessed throughout the years. The energy of this baggage gets stored in your body which is why we use somatic (body-based) practices to literally shake things loose.

I guide you through simple and effective nervous system regulation strategies and energy healing techniques so you can learn the tools to clear these blocks and discover a new way of being and feeling good in your body.





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